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Guide to Accelerated Reader: Unlock Student’s Full Potential

Guide to Accelerated Reader: Unlock Student’s Full Potential

In the ever-evolving landscape of education, nurturing a love for reading stands as one of the most vital endeavours. Accelerated Reader™ (AR), developed by Renaissance Learning, is the favoured choice for achieving this goal in nearly 4,500 schools across the UK. With its holistic approach to fostering independent reading habits, AR has become a cornerstone of literacy initiatives in primary and secondary schools worldwide.


What Is Accelerated Reader?

At its core, AR is more than just a reading programme; it's a multifaceted management and monitoring tool. By leveraging technology, AR empowers students to take charge of their reading journey. After completing a book, students take online quizzes, receiving immediate feedback and guidance for their next read based on their individual reading level. This personalised approach not only encourages independent reading but also nurtures a sense of ownership over students’ learning journeys.


Where can I buy cheap Accelerated Reader™ Books?

School Bargain Bookshop offer an extensive range of discounted Accelerated Reader™ books to both primary and secondary schools. One of the most appealing aspects of AR is its flexibility, particularly for schools operating within budget constraints. Unlike traditional programmes that require hefty upfront investments, AR allows schools to leverage existing book stocks. By supplementing these with carefully curated top-up titles, educators can offer students a diverse array of reading materials without breaking the bank. Our great value Accelerated Reader™ collections, meticulously curated by our team of experts, provide educators with cost-effective solutions to meet the needs of every student. Each book has been levelled by Renaissance Learning and is discounted by up to 50% on publishers’ RRP to help stretch your budget further. All AR packs from School Bargain Bookshop will also be supplied with free stickers which display the book title, book level, points level and quiz number for your convenience. Browse our popular, budget-friendly AR levelled lists below:

Accelerated Reader™ for Primary Schools

Accelerated Reader™ for Secondary Schools


Can AR help track students’ progress in reading?

Central to the success of AR is the Star Reading Assessment, a powerful tool that provides students with their Zone of Proximal Development (ZPD) and ensures they are choosing books within their reading level range. This data-driven approach not only helps educators monitor students' reading progress but also facilitates the creation of personalised learning plans tailored to each student's unique needs. By leveraging technology to track progress and identify areas for growth, educators can effectively guide students on their reading journey.


Where can I find the right books for Accelerated Reader™?

In the world of AR, every book holds significance. That’s why all our books are AR quizzed and levelled and carefully chosen, ensuring a wide selection of quality reading materials for students of all ages and abilities. From hi-lo books designed to engage struggling readers, to captivating novels that inspire avid bibliophiles, our AR book collections offer something for everyone and as they are already hand-picked into levelled or themed collections teachers and librarians can source high-quality affordable books quickly. With a diverse range of genres and themes, students are empowered to explore the rich tapestry of literature, one book at a time. Choose from our extensive range of value AR collections for Primary and Secondary schools — where getting more for your money doesn’t mean compromising on quality!


How do I organise my Accelerated Reader™ Library?

You can organise your Accelerated Reader™ Library the same way as you would a traditional school library, with sections for Fiction (divided into Genres), Non-fiction (organised by subject) and possibly specialist areas for “super-readable” books or “quick reads”. You may want to highlight new titles or books you think will have lots of appeal by putting them face out, so pupils are not overwhelmed by choice paralysis. AR spine stickers should be applied to the spine of each book, these may show AR levels or, in some schools, librarians use coloured dots to denote a range of levels. AR Bookfinder can help you find AR information for books you already have. AR books supplied by School Bargain Bookshop include AR Stickers which display the book title, book level, points level and quiz number for your convenience. Browse our popular, budget-friendly AR levelled lists below:

Accelerated Reader™ for Primary Schools

Accelerated Reader™ for Secondary Schools


Can AR be used as a reading intervention?

AR isn't just about reading; it's about transformation. Through targeted interventions and personalised learning plans, AR has proven instrumental in supporting struggling readers. By closely monitoring progress and adapting strategies accordingly, educators can witness remarkable growth in their students. From building vocabulary to improving comprehension, AR provides a roadmap for success, as long as students have access to a choice of high-quality, appealing books at the right level for them.

Save your school money by stocking up on our heavily discounted AR packs, quizzed and levelled for each key stage:

AR for Key Stage 1

AR for Key Stage 2

AR for Key Stage 3

AR for Key Stage 4


As we navigate the ever-changing landscape of education, Accelerated Reader™ remains a steadfast ally in the quest to nurture lifelong readers. With its innovative approach to literacy, AR empowers students to embark on a journey of exploration and discovery. With School Bargain Bookshop's money-saving curated AR collections, educators can maximise their resources while providing students with quality reading materials that inspire, educate, and empower. Browse our full AR range below:

Accelerated Reader™ for Primary Schools

Accelerated Reader™ for Secondary Schools

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