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Accelerated Reader Primary Non-Fiction Value Box Levels 3.0-3.9

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Fill your AR bookshelves for less!

These non-fiction Accelerated Reader™ value boxes work out at just £3.50 per book making them a great way to top up your non-fiction AR shelves on a budget. Each box includes 15 different books between levels 3.0 – 3.9 and will be supplied with FREE stickers showing the book level and quiz number.

Accelerated Reader™ (AR), is used in thousands of primary and secondary schools to encourage and monitor student reading. After an initial assessment to establish their reading level and interests, students are allocated a Zone of Proximal Development (ZPD). AR books are assigned specific point values based on their difficulty. Students select and read books within their ZPD range, take a short online quiz at the end of each book, and get feedback on their comprehension. This helps guide their next book choice and allows teachers to track progress and personalise instruction.

Accelerated Reader books (AR books) are not a reading scheme of books published with carefully controlled language but are normal books that you would find in bookshops that have been levelled by Renaissance Learning so that children can make informed choices when they look for their next book. These books also have corresponding quizzes that students take online to measure their understanding of the text. Access to a wide range of books to entice students, including diverse and inclusive books, non-fiction, graphic novels and hi-lo books for struggling readers is crucial to the success of the programme and School Bargain Bookshop can help you achieve that quickly and on a budget.

All Accelerated Reader™ packs will be supplied with free stickers which display the book title, book level, points level and quiz number for your convenience.

At School Bargain Bookshop we provide discounted books for students and bargain books that have been compiled into AR levelled and quizzed book collections by our experienced team. We offer these at reduced prices — helping schools stretch their budget.

*Due to the nature of this product we cannot supply a list of titles that will be included. The RRP listed is based on a minimum RRP of £6.99 per book, actual RRP's will be different depending on the selection of books you receive. If you purchase multiple boxes we cannot guarantee the titles in each box will be the same. The books shown will not necessarily be included in your pack but they give a flavour of the selection.