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The League of Enchanted Heroes: Risky Rescue Play - 10 Copies

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Prince Charming has been imprisoned in a tower on the East Plains. The League of Enchanted Heroes set out to rescue him. To Get to him they'll have to battle an army of guards and scale the tower. But will the prisoner be worth the effort?

Now your pupils can read aloud scenes from a title from The League of Enchanted Heroes series. The Risky Rescue Play is ideal for reluctant readers; each character has a varying number of lines and reading level so everyone can be included. The humorous dialogue will captivate your class, and draw struggling readers into the developing plot.

For seven speaking parts.

Struggling readers can often benefit from a variety of interventions, and one that can be very engaging, is getting children to read or enact a short play. This can help readers in a number of ways, for example:

  • They can help students improve their fluency. When students read aloud, they have to practice reading the words multiple times. This can help them become more fluent readers.
  • They can help students learn to read with expression. Learning to think about and express the emotions of the characters can help pupils become more expressive readers.
  • They can help students build reading confidence. Working with a small group of similar ability students to perform a play will often build a supportive community of readers. This can help them build confidence in their reading abilities.
  • They can help students enjoy reading. When students are involved in a play it is an interactive, real-life experience among peers. This level of engagement is different and exciting, which can help students become more motivated to read.

Plays can also be a lot of fun! Children may be more likely to engage with a text if it is presented in a dramatic format by themselves and their classmates. If you are looking for a fun and effective way to help reluctant readers, consider using plays in your classroom. You may be surprised at how well they work!

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