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Struggling Readers in KS2 with a Reading Age 7–8

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Hi-Lo Titles for Struggling Readers in KS2 Reading Age 7–8

Offering short length stories with small amounts of text to a page and shorter sentences for struggling readers, every book is packed with interest to keep readers engaged from start to finish. With graphics throughout to break up pages of text, readers will find these short reads a fun and rewarding experience. 

All titles have been quizzed by Accelerated Reader at levels 2.9–4.3.

Struggling readers are students who find difficulty learning to read or comprehending written text. It's important to distinguish them from reluctant readers who may simply lack motivation or find reading materials uninteresting. Here are some tips for choosing books for struggling readers:

  • Match the book's difficulty level to the reader's ability and interests. Hi-Lo books are books with a high interest level and lower reading age so that students can find age-appropriate titles that they can read successfully and enjoy.
  • Look for books that incorporate dyslexia-friendly features such as off-white paper, bite-sized chunks of text, short chapters, and supportive illustrations, that make them more accessible for struggling readers.
  • Offer students a choice of books that are high-interest and engaging. A struggling reader is more likely to be motivated to read if they are interested in the topic and have agency in selecting their reading material.
  • Select books with strong visuals. Pictures, illustrations, and graphic novels can help struggling readers understand the text and make reading more enjoyable.
  • Opt for books with shorter chapters or less pages. This can make reading less daunting for struggling readers, providing more manageable, confidence-building reading experiences.
  • Provide support. When struggling readers read, be available to answer questions, help them sound out words, or read aloud with them.

By following these tips and choosing books that are appropriate for the reader's level and interests, you can help struggling readers develop a love of reading. School Bargain Bookshop offer a wide range of high-quality collections for primary and secondary school struggling and reluctant readers at discounted prices.