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Short Reads for Reluctant Readers: Age 7-9

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Engaging the reluctant reader is still an arduous task but with these short reads you will be well on your way to creating lifelong readers. Plots jam-packed with pandemonium and vibrant characters that truly bring the story alive, these page-turners are a sure-fire way to inspire a love of reading. 

A reluctant reader is someone who shows a lack of interest or motivation in reading for enjoyment. They might actively avoid picking up a book, become easily discouraged when reading, or need constant encouragement to participate.

Here's a breakdown of what makes someone a reluctant reader:

  • Disinterest: They haven't found books that pique their curiosity or cater to their preferred topics or styles (e.g., genres, graphic novels, audiobooks).
  • Difficulty: Reading might feel like a struggle due to challenges with decoding words, comprehending the text, or maintaining focus for long periods.
  • Negative Experiences: Past frustrations with reading or pressure to perform well can lead to an aversion to the activity altogether.

It's important to distinguish reluctant readers from struggling readers. While some reluctant readers might have underlying reading difficulties, not all of them do. Building a strong culture of reading across the school, founded on an appealing range of books that cater to a variety of tastes and interests can encourage even the most reluctant readers to get on board.

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