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Red to Black Non-Fiction Banded Pack

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This 'banded' non-fiction collection uses quality books from an array of the best educational publishers. This collection ranges from Red upwards to Black and offers support to school reading schemes and home-reading. All titles are deemed to 'best-fit' the book band levels as identified in Book Bands for Guided Reading (Bickler et al,loE). FREE STICKERS are included.

Includes 2 books at each Book Band level from Red to Black.

Book band colours typically follow a progression from easiest to most difficult, though there can be slight variations between publishers with year group correlations. Here's a common sequence:

  • Red/Yellow Book Band (Expected Reception, Aged 4–5): Short, simple sentences with basic vocabulary.
  • Blue/Green Book Band (Expected Year 1, Aged 5–6): Sentences become more complex with a wider range of vocabulary.
  • Orange/Turquoise/Purple Book Band (Expected Year 1/Year 2, Aged 6–7): Longer sentences with more complex structures and new vocabulary.
  • Gold/White Book Band (Expected Year 2, Aged 6–7): Introduction of chapters and longer narratives.
  • Lime Book Band (Expected Year 2/Year 3, Aged 7–8): More challenging vocabulary and concepts.
  • Brown/Grey Book Band (Expected Year 3/Year 4, Aged 8–9): Chapter books with a wider range of genres and themes.
  • Dark Blue Book Band (Expected Year 5, Aged 9–10): More complex sentence structures and advanced vocabulary.
  • Dark Red/Black Book Band (Expected/Confident Year 6, Aged 10–11): These represent the highest levels for confident readers, featuring challenging vocabulary, complex themes, and minimal to no illustrations.

Take a look at our Book Bands Chart to see details of emerging, expected and confident exceeding levels for each age and year group. Children will work through the levels during the school year so it’s important not to worry about gaining each level but to promote reading enjoyment and discuss any concerns with their teacher.

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The books shown will not necessarily be included in your pack but they give a flavour of the selection.