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Lime Books for Readers in KS2

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A collection of very short reads at Lime Book Band for Struggling Readers in KS2. Published by Badger Learning and levelled by literacy consultant Dee Reid, this collection is tailored towards KS2 readers whose reading ability is equivalent to book band levels usually associated with KS1. 

Book Bands are a system used in schools, primarily in the UK, to categorise children's reading books by difficulty level. Here's a breakdown of how they work:


  • Book Band Colours: Each book band is assigned a specific colour, making it easy for teachers, parents, and children to identify the difficulty level at a glance. 


  • Gradual Difficulty: The book band colours originated from the Institute of Education’s publication Book Bands for Guided Reading (Bickler et al 1998) which provides guidance on how each level is defined and allows publishers, educational consultants and reading experts to allocate a colour band to books whether or not they have been written with a particular level in mind. This allows children to access books from reading schemes to ‘real’ books at a level they can read successfully, so they gradually build confidence and progress to tackle more complex books at the next level. See our Book Bands Chart which shows the expected levels that most children progress through in each year group, although many children will be working at emerging or exceeding levels, as children progress at different rates during their education.


  • Independent Reading: With book bands, children can explore a variety of books within their appropriate reading range including fiction, non-fiction and even graphic novels. Given an appealing and varied range of books at each level, children can choose books they want to read, read them successfully and then read more — making the reading miles fly by! This opportunity to practice volitional reading is hugely beneficial to children’s educational outcomes and nurturing reading for pleasure.
  • Teacher Tool: Book bands help teachers assess a child's reading level by observing their fluency and comprehension of their reading books. This enables them to support children in making great choices to keep them reading.

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