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Hi-Lo Books for Fans of David Walliams

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30 Hi-Lo books for fans of David Walliams. These very short reads are filled with humour, sure to emotionally engage all types of readers, but especially those who need more practice. This collection has also been quizzed for Accelerated Reader™ at levels 2.9–4.3.

Reluctant readers are individuals who have a low interest in reading for pleasure. They might resist picking up a book, find it frustrating, prefer other activities or show an open unwillingness to engage in reading, particularly when it comes to recreational reading.

There are several reasons why someone might be a reluctant reader:

  • Difficulty: They might struggle with reading and decoding words or comprehending the text, making reading feel like an unrewarding chore.
  • Lack of Interest: They haven't found books that match their interests or learning style.
  • Short Attention Span: They might find it difficult to focus on reading for extended periods.
  • Negative Experiences: Past struggles or pressure to read can create a lack of confidence and make them avoid reading altogether.

As reading is a foundational skill and supports access to and success in all other subjects at school and in life, it’s important to encourage reluctant readers to read more. Offering an enticing variety of books across different genres and text types, including non-fiction, graphic novels, short reads, and funny books, alongside fiction, and creating a culture of reading for pleasure can help to get everyone reading.

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